Effective 3D milling is used to cut various parts from metal, plastic, glass, leather, paper, wood, its substitutes or other materials with great precision. This method of processing is modern, convenient and allows to achieve high results in an optimal period of time.

For 3D milling – CNC machines

Three-dimensional shapes are created with CNC (Computer Numerical Control) milling machines. These devices are very powerful and high-quality, therefore, compared to manual control machines, they achieve higher performance and speed of the work performed. In addition, the accuracy of the milled products according to the drawings is very high, because the parts are cut according to the sample created in the computer program.


Three-dimensional milling is characterized by extremely high cutting efficiency, the above-mentioned high performance of the work performed. Do you want to process different types of materials without additional tools and reduce thermal effects? Then this milling method will suit you perfectly. It can achieve flawless precision and create unique products that meet the needs of each user.

If you seek to implement complex design solutions, for example, sophisticated transitions in the material or create original ornaments, the 3D processing method will give you the opportunity to realize this desire. Also, due to the fact that material processing is based on pre-planned projects and carefully optimized data, it is easy to avoid errors that often occur when creating products manually.

Another advantage of three-dimensional milling is the minimal yield of discarded material parts. The surface of the processed product is very accurate and corresponds to the intended project, therefore, excessive use of material is avoided, which helps to save money.


This service is often used to effectively mill: various layouts, advertising stands, block letters, outdoor and indoor advertising elements, table tops, interior details, finishing elements, etc.

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