We rarely think about ordinary, everyday things – it’s natural. We don‘t question such routine activities as, for example, brushing our teeth. The use of plastic products or the production of plastic itself is also one of the things that does not stimulate too much thinking, since we inevitably use these products every day.

So where does plastic production begin? It is produced using naturally occurring materials such as crude oil. It is processed, chemically treated, various other additives are mixed into it. In this way, plastic granules are obtained.

Of course, both plastic products and their production can vary, therefore, in order to obtain a specific plastic product, several methods are used, of which the following could be considered the main ones:

  • Extrusion;
  • Molding (read more about in the subcategory Plastic molding);
  • Molding using pressure;
  • Injection molding;


  • Continuous improvement of quality, environmental and safety management systems according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008, BS EN ISO 14001: 2005 and OHSAS 18001: 2007 standards;
  • Create personal responsibility for staff, allowing them to gain qualifications;
  • Determine the needs of product users, analyze, implement projects for the selection of rational engineering solutions;
  • To study global technological development and its achievements in practice;
  • Spread cleaner production through pollution prevention, effective and rational use of resources in all areas of production;
  • Comply with all applicable requirements of environmental protection companies and OSH;
  • Create and maintain safe, health-friendly working conditions in all work-related aspects and ensure a professional risk management company;
  • Periodically evaluate the environment and work safety, health management system;

All employees of the company are introduced to the quality, environmental and health protection policy, whose practices match with the rules.